Who We Are


Lee Kim

Lee is a force of nature.

A dreamer who believes in the magic of human connections. She has taught and facilitated dozens of workshops around human-centered design, at universities and organizations throughout the US. Each time leaving the participants asking “wow, did that just happen?” Her energy is infectious and her ability to inspire a group, uncanny. Lee believes that by focusing our attention to the "humanity" and "compassion", we can arrive at solutions that are truly delightful and amazing. Riding along with Lee is like taking a rocket to paradise!



Dianne Kim

Dianne is the lovable optimist.

A social innovator and strategist committed to bringing design thinking to the forefront of addressing the most complex issues in health and education. Yep, she’s that ambitious! She has taught and facilitated countless workshops at organizations and academic institutions throughout New York City. Dianne holds a MPH and MBA from Johns Hopkins University and has more than a decade of experience working in global health, education, and human-centered design. So, pretty much Dianne has heart and brains! She’s like having the Tin Man and Scarecrow all in one!



Michael Glatts

Michael joins us from an alternate Universe.

He actually believes problems are fun. In fact, way more fun than solutions. He's a Visionary, Improvisational Performer, Design Thinker and Corporate survivor. He put in over 26 years at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in a myriad of Sales, Marketing, Operations and Leadership roles where he and his teams took on an array of juicy challenges. Think about it…a guy who loves problems working in a behemoth corporation like Pfizer. Michael was the proverbial kid in the candy shop.



Dan Toyama

Dan rounds out this fearless foursome with extensive Tech knowledge.

Going well beyond the ability to program a VCR, Dan has been intimately involved with the software development life cycle of web products since 2000. He’s been a developer, product manager, and advisor to early stage startups, because, um, why not? Dan’s passionate about building team culture and diversity, Lean methods for business, Agile/Scrum for the SDLC process, and Design Thinking for creative efforts. Appreciating that technology is probably here to stay, Dan’s skills add a critical element to the BloomSpace vision.